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Boutique automotive companies have stolen the jump on making electric cars and they’re now being courted by the establishment.

If there’s one thing that’s become a must-have accessory at motor shows around the world, it’s the extension cord snaking from the floor and plugged in to a part of the futuristic concept car that may or may not go on sale in the next few years.

With the exception of the likes of Porsche and Ferrari-which are working on hybrids rather than electric cars- most large marques have displayed at least one car with a cord protruding from its gleaming paintwork.

Along with the obligatory “EV” signage to denote an electric vehicle, the cord is a brilliant way to demonstrate that the car runs on electricity, not petrol.

Ironically, one of the brands that now has an electric vehicle on sale, Tesla, didn’t bother with the hoopla of the power cord.In fact, at the Geneva motor show earlier this month, Tesla wasn’t even positioned near the big brands, instead being relegated to a dedicated “green pavilion” out of sight of many show-goers.

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