Electric blue oval: Ford Focus EV driven

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Outwardly, there’s little to mark the Focus Electric out from its conventional brethren. The wide-mouthed front grille is entirely blanked out with black plastic, there’s a charging flap on the nearside front wing, and absence of the usual filler flap under the offside rear lamp cluster, plus big silvery badges at the back and on either side. The result is much more handsome than the ugly duckling Leaf, but also much more anonymous among millions of other similarly styled Fords.

One of the Focus’s less clever modifications becomes obvious the moment you lift the tailgate. A big hump between the rear suspension turrets swallows up about 80 litres of the Ford’s boot, leaving 237 for your luggage. The lift-up boot floor, level with the top of the hump, seems disconcertingly high off the ground as a result.

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