Electric blue oval: Ford Focus EV driven

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The rest of the Focus interior is fairly standard Ford, meaning a solid feel, reasonable quality, and more little buttons than a branch of Dixons. The standard feature count is high, including 17-inch alloys, automatic lights and wipers, a Sony DAB stereo with navigation and reversing camera, keyless entry, cruise control, climate control, and Ford Sync services including voice commands and emergency assistance.

The standard price is a less inviting bundle, amounting to £28,580 – after the £5,000 helping hand from the Plug-in Car Grant. A top-of-the-range Nissan Leaf in Tekna trim, offering a similar gaggle of features plus the added bonus of leather upholstery, costs a noticeable £3,090 less.

That price is the Focus Electric’s biggest hurdle. In a world where there are already plenty of reasons not to buy an electric car, a steep price is never going to trigger an avalanche of sales. I’ve heard suggestions that Ford expects to shift only about 30 examples in the first year of UK sales. Sadly, I suspect it might have to offer discounts to hit even that modest level of uptake.

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