Leaf, grown: Nissan’s electric e-NV200 Combi driven

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The Combi edition is big and boxy and undeniably looks like a van with windows. It boasts a three-seat rear bench, spit into 60:40 sections, either piece of which tumbles forward for extra stowage. And the rear seat backs can be adjusted for rake by pulling on a strap at your shoulder. But there the resemblance to a modern compact people-carrier abruptly halts. The roughly finished interior is much more redolent of DIY than MPV.

Nip around the back of the Combi and you’ll find an absolutely huge, top-hinged tailgate. When open it rests horizontal, propped on gas struts, well over six feet in the air. That could be handy if you need an impromptu gazebo to keep off the rain, but not so clever if you struggle to reach things on shelves in supermarkets.

The boot is massive, cubic, has a very low lip and is bisected by a sturdy plastic parcel shelf. Remove the shelf and you’d have no trouble slotting a washing machine or similar chunk of bulky domestic hardware into the back.

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