Leaf, grown: Nissan’s electric e-NV200 Combi driven

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The e-NV200’s battery uses lithium-ion cells fabricated in Britain, assembled into one big 24kWh battery in Barcelona, where the rest of the e-NV200 is also screwed together. The battery is identical in concept and capacity to the one in the Leaf – the laminated, air-cooled cells have simply been rearranged to lie flat under the floor rather than bulking up under the Leaf’s seats. There’s fresh air under the seats in the Combi instead, ensuring a flat load floor when they’re folded away.

Other tweaks include a higher maximum rate of energy recuperation (otherwise known as regenerative braking), as befits a bigger vehicle capable of carrying a lot more weight.

The gearstick is more conventional in operation than the spring-loaded mushroom in the middle of a Leaf. Knocking it sideways lets you toggle in and out of a “B” mode that increases the regeneration level when descending slopes.

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