Nosing ahead: Hyundai Ioniq Electric

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The electric Ioniq has no gearbox as such, with just one fixed forward ratio, and so has no real need of a gearstick. You select between neutral, park, drive and reverse using a cluster of four push-buttons on the centre console. This area also offers up an electronic handbrake flap with auto-hold option, as well as a driving mode switch.

There are three modes to choose among – normal, sport and eco – and pressing the mode button cycles through all three in that order. That means, with a bit of practice, you can flip from normal to sport with one key press and without moving your eyes from the road, which may prove handy for overtaking.

The three modes make quite a bit of difference to the way the car responds to the throttle, feeling much more frisky or decidedly lethargic either side of normal mode. The car has also been set up with quite a firm false floor in the accelerator pedal travel. You have to press through it to unlock the final quarter of the car’s potential.

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