Nosing ahead: Hyundai Ioniq Electric

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Not initially realising that this kink existed, I thought the Ioniq Electric was a bit slow. It’s not: prod the throttle properly and the car will reach 62mph in 9.9 seconds in sport mode, or 10.2 seconds in normal mode. Drive is sent to the front wheels by an electric motor with power and torque ratings of 88kW (118bhp) and 218Nm.

The Ioniq Electric handles extremely well through corners, with unexpected levels of grip from its 16-inch, Michelin energy-saver tyres. The handling is also surprisingly adept given that Hyundai has fitted relatively crude rear suspension to free up space for the rear-mounted battery. The low-mounted weight of the battery presumably helps provide the car’s sure-footed feel.

Paddles behind the wheel allow full control over the battery regeneration level felt as you lift off the throttle. There are four settings from gliding with zero regeneration through to the equivalent of quite firm braking. The more aggressive levels will trigger the braking lights and the top setting allows one-pedal driving, where you will rarely need to use the brake pedal except for drawing to a complete stop or in an emergency.

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