Nosing ahead: Hyundai Ioniq Electric

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The brake pedal has been set up with a very gentle initial feel. This is presumably to discourage sharp braking, which tends not to be energy efficient, but the result can be alarming if you’re not expecting it. Give the pedal a proper stomp, however, and the Ioniq Electric will stop smartly enough.

The instrument panel reconfigures when the car is put into sport mode, to show what percentage of full power you’re using. A permanent gauge to the left of the instrument panel also swings between power, eco and charging segments, providing a guide to efficient acceleration and braking, while an area to the right can be configured to show a variety of different things including satnav directions or energy flows from battery to wheels.

Prices start at £24,495 (including plug-in car grant of £4,500) for the Premium trim level, while another £1,800 buys the top Premium SE edition. Standard equipment is pretty generous with both versions offering LED lights all round, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, satnav, keyless entry, heated seats, efficient heat-pump heating and rapid charging support. These things considered, the Hyundai seems very reasonably priced compared to a 30kWh Leaf.

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