Nosing ahead: Hyundai Ioniq Electric

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Overall, the new Hyundai Electric ranks among the best electric cars currently available in its price bracket, with a real world-range from its 28kWh battery that should comfortably reach 100 miles for most drivers and could stretch as far as 130 miles with a little care.

Whether that is far enough is another question. With Renault having just announced a 41kWh Zoe, with a claimed real-world range of at least 186 miles, and Opel’s Ampera-E aiming to regularly exceed 200 miles between charges, the era of the 100-mile EV might soon be drawing to a close.

Zoe’s leap in range came about primarily as a result of improved cells from Renault’s Korean supplier, LG Chem. The same company provides cells for the Ioniq Electric, so perhaps a hike in capacity for the Hyundai lies in the not too distant future.

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