Onward and upward: Nissan Leaf version 2 reviewed

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I also noticed a lot of hard scratchy plastic, despite attempts to lift the ambience of the Tekna version with a strip of stitched mock leather across the dash. The screen pillars also seemed thick and intrusive by current standards, and the overall impression is of a car a notch below Nissan’s own popular Qashqai, for example.

In recompense, the new Leaf did serve up limousine-grade hush over every kind of surface. Refinement has long been a Leaf strength and the second generation has gained new swaddling to stave off the patter of gravel in the wheel arches and other sources of disturbance that would normally be drowned out by an engine. The new EV’s suspension also coped admirably with the many potholes afflicting frost-damaged routes through the mountains.

Overall, the 2018 Leaf is another welcome stride forward for Nissan and mainstream electric cars in general. It provides a good balance between range and cost, is comfortable, serenely quiet, and has gained some interesting new technical options.

Ahead lies the prospect of a still bigger battery and, hopefully, a fix for that rapid recharging gremlin.

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