Onward and upward: Nissan Leaf version 2 reviewed

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I tested the new Leaf over two days, the first of which involved a few hours travelling north-west from Glasgow to the Isle of Eriska in Scotland. With no topping up en route we arrived with an indicated 42 miles of range to spare, having covered 101 mixed miles of motorway, town and breathtakingly beautiful rural roads. The trip was covered on a mild spring day with only two people and light luggage aboard. While not quite matching the 160 miles indicated at the start, the ability to cover 100 miles with 40 in reserve and no charging kerfuffle along the way felt very welcome indeed.

Anyone wanting to cover much greater distances might have pause for thought, however. Some early customers of the new 40kWh car have reported problems when using rapid chargers to give the Leaf a quick high-power top-up along the way.

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