Onward and upward: Nissan Leaf version 2 reviewed

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All UK versions of the new Leaf include two separate charging sockets, mounted side-by-side under a single flap in the car’s nose. The smaller one charges at up to 6.6kW from a domestic wallbox, while the larger one can funnel up to 50kW into the battery, using the kind of high-power rapid chargers found at motorway services. Charging through the bigger ‘Chademo’ socket is supposed to provide 80% capacity in 40 to 60 minutes, whereas the smaller wallbox socket requires up to 7.5 hours for a full charge.

Some drivers of the new Leaf have found that a second or third stop sees energy dribbling rather than gushing into the battery. Last week Jonathan Porterfield, founder of EV dealer Eco Cars, posted a video showing his new Leaf charging at 22kW during its third visit to a 50kW charger in a day, with the instruments predicting 2.5 hours for a 75% charge – a far cry from the expected 40 minutes to 80%. He noted that he’d have completed his journey more quickly in his old 30kWh Leaf, which suffered no similar setbacks when repeatedly charged at high rates.

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