Onward and upward: Nissan Leaf version 2 reviewed

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The need to monitor and supervise ProPilot makes it sound pointless, but I’ve found driving assistants of this sort really do seem to reduce the mental load of driving long distances. I think they let you devote more attention to what other vehicles are up to, and help you arrive feeling less tired and stressed.

I was less persuaded by another new feature, called e-Pedal. This changes the way the accelerator works so that most driving can be accomplished without pressing the brake pedal. You simply push the throttle as normal to accelerate, hold it still to maintain speed, or lift off to start braking. Lifting off completely provides still stronger braking, right down to a stop.

The brake pedal is still necessary for really sharp stopping power, but on most roads both in and out of town, if you exercise a modicum of anticipation, you rarely need to use more than one pedal.

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