Onward and upward: Nissan Leaf version 2 reviewed

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Some models of new Leaf feature an automated parking system that I didn’t try, but no doubt works as advertised, guiding the car into parallel, forward or reverse spots even in those awkward herringbone carpark layouts. A reversing camera and a welcome birds-eye Around View Monitor also feature on the equipment roster from the mid-range up.

All versions get an Eco button that alters the apparent eagerness of the car, helping you to shave energy usage and so travel a few miles further on a given charge. I preferred the frisky feel of the car in its normal mode – it’ll zip to 62mph in 7.9 seconds when pressed – but Eco mode feels perfectly acceptable even on the twisting ribbon of a Scottish B-road. You could easily live with Eco mode every day and might even enjoy eking out energy, though the old Leaf’s little pictures of trees (awarded for good driving) have sadly now vanished from the scene.

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