The lone ranger: Renault Zoe 40 review

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Many other EV attractions came leaping to mind as I sampled one of the new ZE 40 cars. The Zoe offers more than a pretty face, with lively acceleration and instant urge when you need it, plus buttery smooth throttle response at every speed. It gets up and goes where you point it like a well trained hound, only without the smell, dog-hair or slobber. The range prediction of 165 miles when first switched on in the middle of a freezing February was extremely welcome, of course.

Several things besides the battery appear to have improved since I first drove a Zoe in 2014. The eco-biased Michelin EV tyres seem to have a lot more grip than I remember, and the brakes feel much more linear in the last phase of slowing to a halt, without the tendency to grab at the last yard and bring you lurching to a stop. They now feel, well, completely normal.

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