The lone ranger: Renault Zoe 40 review

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You’ll also pay £10 per month extra to lease the 41kWh battery compared to the 22kWh version. There’s a sliding scale that varies with annual mileage from £59 to £110 per month for the ZE 40 cars.

Prices for the ZE 40 editions start at £17,845 with battery leasing or £23,445 when bought outright (after the Plug-in Car Grant). That means the extra cost of deciding to own the 41kWh battery is £5,600 – a tidy sum that is sufficient to pay for about four to eight years worth of battery rental depending on your choice of tariff. (Incidentally, the cost of buying the 22kWh battery outright is £5,000 on top of the £13,995 price of the entry level Zoe).

Bewildered yet? You still have to choose between the R90 and Q90 powertrain. The R in R90 stands for rapid, and it can recharge at up to 43kW, given a suitable charging point, reaching 80% from flat in about an hour and 40 minutes. The quick-charge Q90 edition, meanwhile, can get to 80% in as little as 65 minutes, but comes with some added wrinkles. Firstly, the Q90 has been so thoroughly optimised for high power charging that it actually takes an hour longer than the R90 version to recharge at home. And secondly, the Q90 costs an extra £750.

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