The lone ranger: Renault Zoe 40 review

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Also, bear in mind that the ZE 40 battery is actually pretty capacious, so an hour at a rapid charger may not fill it to the brim but is probably going to add 100 miles even with the slower of the two charger options. In other words, I’d tend to go for the cheaper R90 option and put up with marginally slower progress on those occasional long trips.

Trim? Personal taste and budget will decide this question for you. The jump from Dynamique to Signature is £2,050, which buys leather upholstery, a Bose sound system, a reversing camera and prettier alloys.

My spec would be the ZE 40 Dynamique R90 with battery rental. A lovely little EV that is simply the best bet for chasing Teslas on a budget.

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