Alien Abductions and High-Strangeness

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Daryl had much more to say: “In 1948 my parents and I were driving at night on a deserted rural highway. An object came over and lifted the car into a big round room. A door opened and three creatures, with clawed webbed toes and stubs for fingers, took each of us in different direction. I followed one down a long dark corridor to a brightly lit room with an examining table and a gray with long bony fingers. He stuck a sharp instrument into my stomach, then a different instrument far up my right nostril. When he pulled it out, my nose bled a little and was sore for hours. Then he took an instrument like a black cone and pressed the point to my forehead, producing a strange vibrating sensation. Apparently he was activating an implant that had just been put in place. He said, telepathically, ‘It will be all right from now on.’ Abruptly we were all back in the car and the whole episode was forgotten.”

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