Alien Abductions and High-Strangeness

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That was not the end of the encounters, however, as Daryl made very clear: “I don’t remember the date, but once I was confronted with a large insectoid which said, ‘I want you to devote your whole life to me!’ I didn’t understand and asked what that meant. I don’t remember what the creature said, but I replied emphatically, ‘No, I won’t!’ This evidently didn’t go over very well.

“In January 1950, I was taken at night from my home by skeletal creatures who said they were going to kill me. I begged for my life, reminding them of the time they had said: ‘It will be all right from now on.’ So instead they put me on the table and performed extensive procedures. Finally they abandoned me, and all the memories were lost for very many years. As far as I can tell, I was never abducted again. When I first encountered ‘flying saucers’ in the newspapers that March, I immediately adopted the subject as the center of my life, but it never occurred to me to wonder why, nor to suspect it had anything to do with me.”

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