Alien Abductions and High-Strangeness

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Things then went quiet, at least until 1986. That was the year in which Daryl had a very weird and creepy encounter with nothing less than a Woman in Black. Daryl related the strange facts: “In early June of 1986 (don’t recall the exact date), I was just coming from a discussion of my abduction memories and approaching the parking lot to drive home. A white-haired lady in dark or black clothes drove by in a dark or black car. As she approached me she slowed down, leaned out her window, and yelled at me, ‘You have nine years until what you were made for! You have nine more years!’ Then she sped up and drove away. I didn’t catch the license number, make of car, or any other details. But I distinctly remember what she yelled, since I spent the next nine years haunted by what might be awaiting me in early June of 1995. When the date finally arrived, there were smells suggesting the things might have been in the house, but otherwise nothing happened. The literature is full of cases where predictions failed to come true; maybe they just change their minds.”

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