UFO Novels That Might Be More Than Novels

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The book was written by Gene Snyder and released by Playboy Press. The story tells of mysterious goings-on in Ogden, Utah. Something crashes to the ground in 1950 and is swiftly retrieved by the military – who take it to what is described as “a sealed hangar.” It remains within that well-guarded building for around three decades.

Rumors are rife as to what the craft is: Could it be a highly-advanced Russian vehicle? Or, incredibly, is the object nothing less than an alien spacecraft? Those are the key questions that are at the heart of the story. The novel is an entertaining one and contains more than a few thought-provoking moments. According to the author, however, the story was not solely a work of fiction. Snyder informed his readers that the saga was based on a controversial told to him – Snyder – by an insider source. Snyder would only refer to his informant as “Charlie.” Snyder said:

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