UFO Novels That Might Be More Than Novels

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“[Charlie] told me of something secreted in the Utah desert for nearly three decades. He said the secret was housed in an airplane hangar at a U.S. Army supply base, near Ogden, Utah. He claimed that on a June night in 1950, five air force personnel had driven a flatbed truck onto the base in the middle of the night. The truck’s cargo was covered with a tarpaulin that had been carefully lashed down. He went on to say that after driving the truck into the hangar, the five men hurriedly closed the doors and bent the bolt locks. In the days that followed, a huge security screen was erected around the hangar. It included electrified fences, guard dogs, and a restricted air traffic space above the building. An Air Force Security Service detachment, he maintained, still guarded the hangar, despite the fact that such a detachment would be unusual on an Army base.”

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