10 Best Tips for Mind-blowing Landscape Photography

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Hey folks, we’ve got a question. What do you think about landscape photography? Probably not too much since you think that it’s not really a big deal to simply release the shutter and capture what you are seeing using the common techniques in photography.

However, professional landscape photographers know really well from their experience that every time you want ‘to simply release the shutter and capture what you see’, the chances are that your shot will turn out horrible. And what does that mean? It means that landscape photography, just like any other photography genre, has its own tricks that one needs to use to succeed. Be sure to keep reading to find out 10 most helpful landscape photography tips.

Use wide depth of field

depth of field in landscape photography

The most basic rule of making landscape photos is to use wide depth of field in order to have the whole picture in focus. Obviously that there are exceptions when photographers use shallow depth of field in landscapes and their photos turn our really well, but bokeh was not something that the nature created.

Shoot with a tripod

lanscape photo shot with a tripod

If you are going to use wide depth of field, you will probably need to use small aperture and therefore faster shutter speed. It means that even the least noticeable camera shake may ruin your shot. Consider using a tripod.

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