Best 10 Embarrassing Mistakes I Made As A Beginner Photographer

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Sometimes, the more you learn, the less you know.

When I bought my first DSLR, I read the manual from cover to cover. I used to read it in bed and carry it with me whenever I was out taking photos. It was a great way of learning to use my camera but doing this on my own left me with the wrong impressions, interpreting certain things in completely the wrong way.

I Never Used Flash

If you play around with your pop-up flash, you’ll see why I made this choice. Whenever challenged, my reasoning was ‘I don’t like flash’.The pop-up flash produces a harsh and flattening light that falls directly onto the subject.I had no idea the potential of the camera flash… I just needed to use an external flash, preferably off camera.

It was only when a photographer I knew and trusted convinced me to buy an external flash that a world of opportunities opened up for me and my lighting. It was the Canon Speedlite 430EX iI.

Constantly On The Wrong Focus Mode

One thing you can’t fix in post production (yet) is your focus.That’s why it’s so essential to get this right in the camera. Often, time can be of the essence.If you’ve ever noticed your camera constantly trying to refocus when you’re shooting a still object, or that your camera won’t track the focus of a moving object, it’s because you were on the wrong focus mode.

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