Best 10 Embarrassing Mistakes I Made As A Beginner Photographer

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White Balance Accuracy Was Baaaadddd

I sort-of understood white balance but it had never been explained in the way I’ve explained it to others in my tutorial. It was just what I could pick up from my camera manual, using words I didn’t understand.

I would almost always have my camera set to AWB (Auto White Balance) which resulted in wildly inaccurate colour accuracy, especially when I took photos inside: in tungsten light, all of my photos came out orange.

When you start to get your white balance right, you’ll cringe at some of your old photos.

I Used Free Editing Software

This is somewhat of a sin in photography; I was managing my library in iPhoto (back in the day – it’s now replaced by Photos) which was ruining the photos when I went to edit them.

Whenever I straightened a photo, it would automatically lose image quality, appearing much less sharp.

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