Best 15 Helpful Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

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Tip #9: Zoom In

Landscape photography typically is shot using a wide angle lens to capture an epic scene.  You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the picture doesn’t do it justice”.  The main reason is because a landscape is so grand that it just can’t be captured in an image.  We usually try anyway by shooting with an ultra wide focal length.  The problem with doing this is that things in the distance will appear tiny in the image.  As an alternative, try zooming in and capture just a small segment of the landscape.  These types of images may be referred to as intimate landscapes.  A series of intimate landscape images may be very effective at telling the story.

Tip #10: Make Friends with your Tripod

There are times that a tripod will be necessary for landscape photography.  If you rarely (or never) use one, it’s time to get familiar with it.  If you don’t have one, there are many great options available without breaking the bank.  During the low light times of early morning or late evening, a tripod is needed to allow the shutter speed to be dropped and keeping the ISO low.  There are plenty of other times that tripod comes in handy, too.  Plus, if you plan to shoot into the night, then a tripod is mandatory.  So get to know your tripod.  Make friends with it.  If it is a pain to use, then perhaps you have the wrong one for you.

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