How to Become a Model Photographer in 5 Steps

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Model photography is exciting and challenging. That is why it tempts so many photographers that work in completely different genres. But when the photographer has decided to try themselves in this mysteriously beautiful style, they usually have a lot of questions.

Where do you look for models? What is a better location for the photo shoot, a photo studio or outdoors? And how to organize the model photo shoot?

Today we will answer these and other questions about model and lookbook photography and tell you what you need to do to become a model photographer in 5 easy steps.

Make sure that you enjoy it

You can definitely like the idea of shooting models and lookbooks, but it doesn’t mean that you will enjoy the process and get the right results. The truth is that no one has yet succeeded in something that they don’t enjoy doing. It’d be worth having a long think about your decision and try it out for a couple of times before devoting yourself to it.

Get hold of necessary equipment and people

Model and lookbook photography often requires additional equipment that you won’t need if you do landscape or street photography. Obviously, you can make use of the natural light if you shoot outdoors, but it won’t be always possible if you live up in the north.

In this case, you will need to rent a photography studio and get all necessary lighting equipment that includes reflectors, strobes, flashes, and so on.

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