How to Become a Model Photographer in 5 Steps

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Work TFP only the first time

We recommend you to work only TFP—or Time For Print, meaning that both your and model’s work is not paid and done only for purpose of getting good photos—the first time.

Later on, when you build a decent model photography portfolio and get enough experience, you can try to start charging for photo shoots and lookbooks. The rate depends on the country you live in so you’d better talk about it with fellow model photographers from your residence country or city.

Start looking for models over the web

You will find dozens of websites where models are looking for photographers and vice versa if you google it. But you should make sure that your portfolio is diverse by the moment you start looking for models on specialized websites. It’s often required that you have quality photos of at least a few different models in different locations. There will be both TFP models and those who are charging for photo shoots on these websites.

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