The Complete Guide to Landscape Photography: 25 Tips

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For me, a tripod needs to be as versatile as the camera. It should allow me to either change the head or at least be able to shoot both portrait and landscape. It should also be easy to set up and use so that you do not miss any quick changes in the surrounding areas.

Tripods for Landscape Photography: Comparison of full-size and compact/travel tripod, open

Important Accessories for Landscape Photography

Stunning landscape photography isn’t just about focusing on your photographic kit. It’s also about getting to the best place to take the photographs.Your apparel choice is very important to help you work in harsh environments. You shouldn’t forget to grab some gloves and thermal shirts to keep you warm, and hiking boots and a rain jacket to keep you dry. There are even more helpful things you could bring along such as a good, ergonomic bag (your back will thank you) or a head torch. The article above will go through all of them for you.

Filters: Uv, Polarized, Graduated, Nd and More

Lens filters are extremely beneficial for landscape photography when used correctly. And the best part is that there’s a filter for everything!

  • The UV (ultraviolet) filter is the most known, whose purpose has changed over the years from a necessity to useless
  • The ND (neutral-density) filter is used to decrease shutter speeds for those long exposure shots
  • The GND (graduated neutral-density) filter helps average out the huge difference between the sky and landscape
  • And Polarised filters help to cut out glare and reflections
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