The Complete Guide to Landscape Photography: 25 Tips

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Train in desert demonstrating how raw landscape photography can be enhanced more than JPG

Understanding How Your Histogram Works

Histograms are a step closer to becoming more professional in your workflow. They’re a mathematic review of how even your exposure is. Using the LCD screen to determine how your highlights and shadows look can be misleading depending on ambient light. The histogram, however, is a clear indicator of under or overexposure.

Histograms aid understanding exposure levels in landscape photography

Shooting Modes

You’ve seen it on almost every camera made in the last 50 years. A small icon of a person in a frame indicates a portrait and an icon of a mountain for landscape.

Fortunately, we have moved forward into a more refined age. These modes have turned into something useful, such as Av/A (Aperture Priority) and Tv/S (Shutter Priority).

Your Landscape photography can be immensely helped by Av/A mode. It lets you concentrate on exposure time and depth of field while keeping a correct exposure value.

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