The Complete Guide to Landscape Photography: 25 Tips

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Shooting modes give you fine control to capture stunning landscape photography

Creating the Perfect Exposure

Now that you have all of the equipment to get around in the great outdoors, you can move on to capturing the image.

Your aperture, shutter, and ISO all work together to give you that perfect exposure. This means not overexposing the highlights and underexposing the shadowy areas.

The in-camera metering modes are there to help you get as close as possible to the correct overall exposure. The shooting and focus modes help you highlight what the most important part of the image is and keep it in the best possible light.

Perfect exposures in landscape photography are vibrant and powerful. Example in the Alaskan Mountains

How to Capture Breathtaking Panoramas

Panoramas are a great way to show one spectacular view from a very wide angle. These are perfect from high altitudes, where you want to show everything from the same perspective. Especially if you can’t make up your mind over which angle to shoot from! You can capture a panorama shot from any lens and a tripod. With a little help from post-processing, you can then create an iconic, memorable image and this article will show you how.

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