The Complete Guide to Landscape Photography: 25 Tips

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Sunrises are a great way to show landscape photography

Sunset Photography

The sunset provides the golden hour but at the end of the day, rather than the beginning. This is great as you don’t need to get up early, and you can see when the sun will fall much easier.Our article has 5 great tips on how to photograph the sunset perfectly. Like most landscape images, planning is paramount. This can be done with smartphone apps or scouting the area beforehand. Be patient, practise as much as you can and you will soon find that all of the ideas fit together to help you create something stunning.

Using water will help show the beautiful colours in landscape photography

Coastline and Seascape Photography

Photographs along the coastline and seascapes are landscapes, but they have their own specific techniques. You’ll more than likely be including the water in these shots. Here are some very handy ways to make your coastline photography captivating, dramatic and unique!

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