The Complete Guide to Landscape Photography: 25 Tips

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Forest landscape photography can offer haunting nightscapes or lively daytime shoots.

Black and White Landscape Photography

Creating black and white landscapes is a beautiful way to show the scenery. We look at black and white images very differently than those in colour.The monochromatic style lets us focus on the texture, shape and contrast of a scene.

Colour can distract from the scene, where the strong greens and blues can take away importance from the overall image.An image where the colours are not pleasing can be converted into black and white to create a more interesting landscape.

Photographing the Desert

The desert is a great place to start with landscape photography. This is a landscape that rarely changes, so you can keep the same settings for long periods. This is good for practising.

Here, you can concentrate on shapes and forms of the area. Textures and shapes are also great things to look for as us, the viewers will find them interesting. Filling the frame will help make the scene seem gargantuan as the viewers perspective is limited. Get out there already!

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