10 Best Rated Hikes near St. George, Utah

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2 Lava Flow Trail, Snow Canyon

Lava Flow Trail, Snow Canyon

Lava Flow, a 2.5-mile return trail, is one of the most unique hikes in the St. George area. The trail begins across a lava field left from an ancient eruption that occurred to the north of here. The ground is a crumbling black carpet of sharp rock, lightly covered with grasses and other small vegetation. Along the trail, you’ll pass gaping holes in the ground, which are the mouths of lava tubes, some of which you can walk down into for deeper exploration.

About halfway through the hike, a short spur leads to the Lava Flow Overlook. This is a quick hike up a rock mound, offering incredible views over the lava field behind you and the canyon stretching out in front. Don’t miss this overlook. Beyond here, you can continue on to where the trail dead ends at the West Canyon Road, and then return on the same route.

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