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Papago Park Trails

Papago Park Trails

This park, located right in the city, offers a convenient and interesting place for hiking and exploration. The Eliot Ramada and Double Butte Loop Trail is a 2.3-mile hike that leads around the base of some of the signature sandstone buttes that make this park so scenic and unique.

Using this trail as your base, you can opt for shorter or longer hikes. You don’t need to do the entire loop, you can easily walk in as far as Papago Buttes and return without circumnavigating the butte. All along the trail are opportunities to take short side spurs up into the rocks for closer looks at small caves and holes in the buttes, or to reach saddles for views on the back side. This is a particularly fun area for families, with all kinds of opportunities for kids or teens to climb up boulders and explore on their own. At the base of Papago Buttes is a large ramada with picnic tables, offering a welcome break from the sun.

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